Our vision for the Leadership Academy

The NSW Leadership Academy promotes excellence in leadership by enhancing the skills and capabilities of existing and emerging leaders through a unique suite of development programs.

Incorporating best practice from public and private sectors around the world, each program targets the specific capabilities required to succeed at the next level of leadership, while providing bespoke support to maximise an individual’s professional development.

The Leadership Academy programs are designed to create a pipeline of future leaders who can inspire others and lead with purpose to take on our state's challenges and make an impact for the citizens of NSW.

Why Develop Our Leaders?

Leading in the public sector

High Potential

The Secretaries Board, in their capacity as the Leadership Academy Board, have developed the definition of a ‘high potential’ leader for the NSW Leadership Academy. 

A high potential leader is someone who has:

  1. the potential to be promoted two levels (can be within the same band or one level for SE Band 3) above their current role within the next five years and

  2. demonstrates the following high potential characteristics:

    • learns and adapts quickly
    • effective leadership style
    • engaged and committed
    • motivated to deliver for the people of NSW
    • values driven and
    • seeks to diversify their experience.

Selection process

Nine box grid - High Potential - Click to view large version

High Performing

High performing leaders are performing above the expectations for their role.

They demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • performance exceeds expectations for the role

  • effective leadership style

  • motivated to deliver for the people of NSW

  • values driven

  • open to opportunities to impact/influence culture

  • motivated to be a change agent, and

  • learns and adapts quickly.

Selection process

Nine box grid - High Performer - Click to view large version

Stewardship and Leadership Impact Framework

A world-class public sector requires world-class leadership. The Stewardship and Leadership Impact Framework represents the outcomes required for executive leadership development in the NSW public sector to achieve this aim.  It was developed from research, consultation within and outside the sector, and needs analysis in:

  • Global trends and emerging needs in leadership and the public sector, and
  • Common, strategic needs across the NSW public sector.

This framework is intended to:

  • consolidate capabilities in the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework suitable at a leadership level
  • supplement the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework to identify specific needs of leadership
  • be a living document to continually accommodate emerging needs and trends and common strategic priorities across the sector, and
  • provide the basis to assess current capability of leaders and inform development plans.

Our Leaders

Profile picture of Deidre Mulkerin

Deidre MulkerinDeputy Secretary
Western Cluster, Operations
Department of Family and Community Services

"As a leader, I am constantly asking myself how can I do this work better? Our willingness to strive to be better leaders and to be curious about the world, are some of the most essential keys to leadership. Any opportunity to work on ourselves is a gift."

Leading an Agency Program

Profile picture of Roger Shu

Roger ShuPrincipal Analyst
Agency Budget & Policy Group
NSW Treasury

"The workshops and Action Learning Sets enabled me to build resilience, develop my team and evolve towards a problem solving mindset. The coaching sessions were invaluable in helping me to grow and overcome the issues I face day-to-day at work."

Leading Managers Program

Profile picture of Jeannine Biviano

Jeannine BivianoDeputy Secretary
Finance Strategy & Operations
NSW Department of Industry

"I had the opportunity to network with senior private sector professionals from all over the world, and was privileged to have access to a professional coach, who is a high profile and experienced business leader."

Leading an Agency Program

Profile picture of Daniel Florent

Daniel FlorentStrategic Human Resources Business PartnerFinance and Operations Division
Department of Planning and Environment

"The face to face programs coupled with the dedicated individual coaching support and the capacity to establish a sector wide peer network have supported me to be a better leader with a broader view across the sector."

Leading Managers Program

Profile picture of Vinita Deodhar

Dr Vinita DeodharActing Executive Director
Education, Families and Communities
NSW Treasury

"I have come away with practical tools and techniques that I can apply at virtually every interaction (both at work and outside work) to be more influential and impactful. It gave me insights into the subtle shifts that can create big changes in one’s self."

Leading Executives Program

Profile picture of Tracey Clarke

Tracy ClarkeDeputy Director Governance and AssuranceClinical Excellence Commission
NSW Health

"The concepts have been presented and discussed in way the encourages self-reflection and development and have enabled me to gain a greater understanding of a range of methodologies in leading teams to achieve the desired outcomes."

Leading Managers Program

Profile picture of Ingrid Emery

Ingrid EmeryDirector Non-Regulated Assets
Commercial Group
NSW Treasury

"It was such a privilege to be part of the first Leadership Academy. We learnt about the importance of being an agile, facilitative and adaptive leader, and how to deal with a constantly changing environment."

Leading Managers Program

I Work for NSW

Working for NSW means belonging to a network of dedicated people who are as passionate about their careers, as they are about making a positive difference in the state.


Members of the Leadership Academy play an integral role in leading public sector services, developing a talented workforce and creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued.


Visit: iworkfor.nsw.gov.au


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