This bespoke development program seeks to refine and strengthen leadership skills measured against the NSW Public Sector Leadership Framework. It is available for Departmental Secretaries and the Commissioner of Police.

Each professional’s career journey and development needs are unique. Therefore, the Leadership Academy provides a tailored approach on this program. It consists of a 360 assessment and personalised mix of coaching to suit individual development plans. Participants are also encouraged to participate in and champion policy challenges with other Leadership Academy cohorts (a unique opportunity to ‘learn from the centre’).

In consultation with their coach, participants can also identify opportunities relevant to their own development needs, such as attending a specialised leadership course at a global tertiary institution. Attendance at specialised courses is approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC) Commissioner but funded by individual departments.


The Public Service Commission (PSC) has an established funding agreement with the NSW public sector for the core Leadership Academy Programs. The PSC administers these programs on behalf of the sector. Any further education, travel and accommodation costs are to be met by the agency/individual.

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Who is it for?

This is an opt-in program and is available to Secretaries and the Commissioner of Police across NSW Government departments and agencies.

What to expect

  • Face-to-face 360⁰ review and feedback
  • 1:1 coaching appointments (up to a maximum of 8)
  • Sponsorship of cross sector group work for vertical development
  • Specialised networking events
  • Direct report back to the Leadership Academy Board

Participant commitment

In order to achieve the most impact participants are encouraged to fully engage with all program elements.

Participants and alumni will also be asked to contribute to the ongoing development of the sector by supporting current and future participants to:

  • Build networks with fellow alumni 
  • Work on cross sector challenges
  • Speak at Leadership Academy events and workshops
  • Participate in panels
  • Contribute to the ongoing evaluation of the Leadership Academy and its programs

Key dates

  • End of March 2020
  • FY 2020/2021
  • FY 2021/2022