This 12-month program supports eligible senior executives to further develop the impact, mindset and attributes required of senior public sector leaders in contemporary social, environmental and economic contexts. The program will challenge and support this cross-sector cohort to rigorously consider, envisage and then lead the system and culture changes that will create a world-class public sector.

At the start of the program, participants take part in a comprehensive assessment process which ascertains their current level of skills and capabilities against the NSW Public Sector Leadership Framework.

The Leading an Agency program offers a bespoke mix of coaching, workshops, online modules, cross cohort group work, networking and real world cultural change challenges. 



The Public Service Commission (PSC) has an established funding agreement with the NSW public sector for the core Leadership Academy Programs. The PSC administers these programs on behalf of the sector. Any travel and accommodation costs are to be met by the agency/individual.

Who is it for?

Our program is open to high potential and/or high performing Band 3 and equivalent senior executives. Eligible nominees must be employed in an ongoing role at a Band 3 or equivalent level or be in an 18-month minimum temporary role.

Selection to the program is by nomination in line with each department/separate agency’s internal talent identification process, together with the Leadership Academy online application. For more information please refer to the Nomination and Selection page.

What to expect

  • Greater self-awareness about personal impact on the system, on teams and on others
  • Capability development for career progression to more complex/higher level roles
  • Development and implementation of an individual learning journey
  • To be challenged to think and work from a systems perspective and influence others to do the same - developing skills to envisage and design contemporary environments, processes and ways of working
  • Increase acumen to deliver on strategic initiatives and develop agency capability in human centred design and leading-edge digital solutions
  • Greater breadth of stewardship outside the remit of the role by leading cross-level teams on sector-wide initiatives
  • Working with cohort peers to envisage, design and lead a sector-wide approach to cultural change and creating the accountability within the executive to make it happen
  • Deepen the network of peers, supporters and mentors as well as leverage the value of those who challenge
  • Group coaching and other resources to support implementing the program's learning within teams. This extends the benefits from program participation into the workplace.

Participant commitment

In order to achieve the most impact participants are encouraged to fully engage with all program elements.

Participants and alumni will also be asked to contribute to the ongoing development of the sector by supporting current and future participants to:

  • Build networks with fellow alumni
  • Work on cross sector challenges
  • Speak at Leadership Academy events and workshops
  • Participate in panels to support future participants
  • Participate in ongoing learning to upskill as a coach or mentor
  • Contribute to the ongoing evaluation of the Leadership Academy and its programs.

Key dates

Over the next three years three intakes are planned to commence in:

  • April 2020
  • February/March 2021
  • February/March 2022