The Executive Leadership Essentials program was designed to induct executives into the NSW public sector and create a single, cohesive cohort of stewards who understand the challenges of the sector and can help shape the future character of the senior executive.


The PSC has an established funding agreement with the NSW Public Sector for the core Leadership Academy Programs. The PSC administers these programs on behalf of the Sector. Any travel and accommodation costs are to be met by the agency/individual.

Course content

The Executive Leadership Essentials program uses a lensed approach which compresses key messages into a range of different categories. The lensed approach focuses on those critical areas that are most likely to impact on senior executives and provides direct access to subject matter experts and exposure to case studies to support key theoretical concepts. Previous lenses have included:

  • Leadership
  • Cross-boundary Collaboration
  • The Customer Imperative
  • The Media
  • Finance
  • Workforce
  • Accountability and Information Management
  • Cabinet, Policy and Legislation.
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Who is it for?

New executives who are either new to the NSW public sector (within 6 months of start date) or have moved from a non-executive to executive role (within 6 months of start date). Eligible participants are senior executives from Band 1 to Band 3 (or equivalent).

What to expect 

  • Online self-paced learning modules
  • Virtual sessions of about 60-90 minutes duration, where you will hear the experience of senior leaders
  • Group discussions that will connect you to other executives to expand your public sector network
  • Explore the role as a steward in the NSW public sector to deliver on citizen outcomes
  • Learn concepts to survive and thrive as a leader and as a person
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Key dates

The virtual Executive Leadership Essentials program will launch in late September 2020, with virtual sessions running between mid October and early December. 

Nominations for the upcoming program are now open. Please contact your Department or Agency HR team to register your interest.


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There is no formal assessment.

How to apply

Expressions of interest are managed by each principal Department's/ Agency's central HR area.



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