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Leading an Agency Nomination Form – Part 2: To be completed by Line Manager (Nominator)

Personal details
Section One

How frequently does the nominee demonstrate the following leadership performance? 

Please note: these capabilities have been taken from the Leader Success profile for a Secretary/CEO and are aspirational. It is expected that many nominees will not have had the opportunity in their current role to display all of the below capabilities. As such, N/A should be marked to denote lack of opportunity rather than a failure to display a behaviour.










Performance Capabilities
High Potential
Noting that the Secretaries Board definition of a “high potential” leader will form the basis of nomination and selection into the Academy programs. Does the nominee display the potential to be promoted two levels (one level for Band 3) above their current role within the next three years, and demonstrate the high potential characteristics? (Learns and adapts quickly, effective leadership style, engaged and committed, motivated to deliver for the people of NSW, values driven, seeks to diversify their experience).* - required

Guidance: If promotion one level above their current role in two years is not possible within your organisational structure, does the nominee display readiness for promotion?

Section two

Please rate the extent to which the nominee demonstrates the following behaviours:

Guidance: Should the nominee be successful, the information in this section may be used to support their personalised development.


  • Unpredictable, volatile and emotional
  • Tendency to overreact to criticism
  • Energy fades when meeting setbacks or challenges
  • Seem to lack persistence


  • Seem inaccessible to staff or communities
  • Seem inauthentic by not revealing enough of them self
  • Lack of interest in or awareness of the feelings of others
  • Poor communicator


  • Cynical and suspicious of others’ intentions
  • Reject new ideas by pointing out their flaws rather than considering their utility
  • Seem to lack trust


  • Overly worried about being criticised
  • Seem resistant to change or taking chances
  • Not comfortable establishing a culture where people are prepared to challenge them and other leaders


  • Inflated view of their own ability
  • Unable to admit mistakes or learn from them
  • Interrupt and criticise others
  • Unwilling to take responsibility and accountability for failures and mistakes


  • Perfectionistic and hard to please
  • Disempower staff
  • Micromanage
  • Prefers not to delegate tasks to others


  • Reluctant to take action or ownership
  • Find it difficult to make decisions on their own
  • Unwilling to support those below them
  • Overly concerned with pleasing others


To ensure a robust selection process, it is important that nominees for the Academy’s programs are calibrated to the definition of high potential agreed by the Secretaries Board. This includes the size and scale of the role the nominee is currently performing. For guidance please refer to the Secretary and CEO Leader Success Profile, any internal documentation completed as part of the recent Band 3 talent review, and the senior executive work level standards:

By endorsing this application you agree that the applicant is:

  • the principal government representative, with authority to represent the organisation in critical negotiations and pre-empt and resolve conflict with stakeholder leadership groups,
  • negotiates and resolves conflict with stakeholder leadership and manages the parliamentary, political and Public Service/Government sector environments… forging linkages across government and non-government systems and are accountable for impacts beyond agency outcomes, and
  • has experience in leading the implementation of multiple, integrated change initiatives, and with delivering outcomes that significantly impact communities, stakeholders and services.
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