The NSW Leadership Academy is a whole-of-government approach to developing current and future leaders of the NSW public sector. Our programs differ from generalised leadership development programs in that they focus on high performing and high potential leaders. Each program targets the specific capabilities required to succeed at the next level of NSW Public Sector leadership.

Programs open for nominations

Please follow the below links to access the relevant program key information pack and nomination forms:

The Nomination Process

The nomination forms for the NSW Leadership Academy programs will now be delivered online. Each nomination will be made up of three distinct forms: 

  1. Nominee form - Part 1: Nominee
  2. Manager form -  Part 2: Nominator (this is the nominee’s line manager)
  3. Manager +1 form  - Part 3: Manager +1 endorsement * (this is the nominator's manager)

 Diagram for main nomination landing page

*Not applicable for Leading an Agency

Key dates

Date Event
21 December 2016 Nominations open - Correspondence sent to departments and agencies to start talent review and endorse nominations.
24 February 2017 Department endorsement forms due to NSW Leadership Academy at
6 March 2017

Correspondence sent by the Leadership Academy to nominees inviting them to complete the nomination process.

  • One week will be allocated for the nominee to complete their form
  • One week will be allocated for the manager of the nominee to complete their form
  • One week will be allocated for the manager + 1* of the nominee to complete their form (Leading Managers and Leading Executives only)

*this is the nominating manager’s manager

24 March 2017 Nominations close: including nominee form, manager form, and manager + 1 endorsement form*
*Not applicable for Leading an Agency
9 June 2017
Correspondence sent by Leadership Academy to nominees, HR representatives and Secretaries / Separate Agency Heads advising the outcome of nominations.
9 – 23 June 2017 Unsuccessful nominees will have two weeks from the release of the outcome of nominations to schedule time for feedback on their nomination.


Nomination process FAQ (PDF 176.5KB)


For assistance, general enquiries, or issues encountered with the nomination forms (field errors, or submission issues) please call the NSW Leadership Academy team on 9272 6089 or email:

For technical issues with your web browser or operating system, please contact your department or agency’s internal IT helpdesk.