17 Jun 2019

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Since our launch in 2014, the Leadership Academy has developed a pipeline of talented leaders.

The Leadership Academy remains committed to supporting high performing executives to deliver on Premier’s priorities, build an inclusive and high performing culture and collaborate across the sector for the benefit of NSW citizens.

To do this the Leadership Academy needs to reach a higher proportion of leaders using contemporary delivery methods in the most cost-effective, value for money way. We also need to ensure that all development meets the emerging needs of leadership in complex times.

It’s now time to ask providers to come up with innovative solutions that bring about real change for participants and deliver exceptional results for citizens.

Under the mantra of ‘refresh, realign and redesign’ we asked the market to help us achieve these outcomes:

  • Change in program focus and design, to include leadership impact on culture, as well as high potential participants
  • Increase program reach and leadership impact, through cost-effectiveness and value for money
  • Be a centre of excellence, establish common standards of development quality across the sector and act as the ‘sector connector’
  • Extend the impact of the Aboriginal Career Leadership Development Program to build a greater pipeline of leaders
  • Implement an Alumni Strategy to facilitate greater collaboration across the sector for citizen outcomes.

The first stage opened with a Request for Proposal and ends on 26 June 2019. The second stage will shortlist the initial respondents and open a tender process on 15 August 2019.

The procurement process represents an exciting time in the future of the Leadership Academy and its participants. Nominations for the new look programs open in September 2019 and will start in February 2020. More information on the nomination process will follow.

Overall the procurement process is intended to establish long term partnerships to deliver sustainable leadership outcomes in a changing, complex environment.